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WHSRNews: 14 April 2010

In this issue:

New WHSRN Site Designated – the First in Uruguay;WHSRN Partners Receive Funding from “Wetlands for the Future” and CRIMBI; Birding for Banded Shorebirds: The Basics; WHSRN Council Meeting Highlights

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WHSRNews: 25 February 2010

In this issue:

New WHSRN Species Conservation Plan Available: Buff-breasted Sandpiper; Panama Hosts WHSRN Hemispheric Council Meeting; Four New WHSRN Sites Designated; Government and Business Collaborate Internationally for Red Knot Surveys in Chile; Shorebird Conservation Planning for Chiloé Island, Chile; PRISM Guidance on Effective Shorebird Monitoring; Reminder: Pablo Canevari Award Nominations due 15 March 2010

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WHSRNews: 17 December 2009

In this issue:

American Oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus)Working Group Update; 1st Meeting of the Red Knot (Calidris canutus) Working Group; Red Knot Superstar “B-95” Seen Again in Argentina; Call for Nominations: Pablo Canevari Memorial Award

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WHSRNews: 30 November 2009

In this issue:

Five New WHSRN Species Conservation Plans Available; Workshop for the Conservation of Shorebirds in Uruguay Held in Montevideo; Site Assessment Workshop Held at Brazil’s Lagoa do Peixe WHSRN Site; Shorebird Recovery Project Workshops Held in Río Gallegos, Argentina, Patagonia; Successful Clean-up Efforts Improve Paraguay’s Bahía de Asunción WHSRN Site; Hunters in Barbados Help to Create the Country’s First Shorebird Refuge

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WHSRNews: 20 August 2009

In this issue:

New WHSRN Site in the United States: Columbia River Estuary; New Species Conservation Plan available: Long-billed Curlew; Travel with Manomet’s Stephen Brown via the Arctic Blog; Mexico Launches its National Strategy for Shorebird Conservation; Satellite-tracking the Migrations of Whimbrels and Long-billed Curlews; Revitalizing the Shorebird Sister Schools Program; Meet “Batitú,” the Cartoon Hero for Grassland Shorebirds; Manomet Celebrates its 40th Anniversary (August 1969)

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WHSRNews: 01 July 2009

In this issue:

Two new and one expanded WHSRN Sites in Mexico; New WHSRN Species Conservation Plan available: Mountain Plover; Hopeful signs for rufa Red Knots – including “B-95” seen again!; Panama Bay WHSRN Site designated a National Protected Area; New and expanded shorebird partnerships in Chile; Partners receive funding from NMBCA for shorebird conservation; Shorebird breeding survey underway in Northwest Mexico; Red Knot conservation and research in Uruguay; New WHMSI brochure available; Aves Argentina launches new grants program: deadline July 31, 2009; Updated and improved WHSRN Website now available!

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WHSRNews: 29 October 2008

In this issue:

New Manomet President, Dr. John Hagan; 70th WHSRN Site: San Quintín, Mexico; Upland Sandpiper Conservation Plan available online; "B-95" seen again in Canada; Linking of Rare “Pride campaigns” focuses on Red Knot in Argentina; WHSRN Site Dedications; Kudos: Chilean National Petroleum Company, Aves Argentinas, Guyra Paraguay, “Migration Mystery and Science”; Job opening: Climate Change Scientist


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WHSRNews: 24 June 2008

In this issue:

New Species Conservation Plan available: Dunlin; News of People: Steve Wendt, Abel Eduardo Castillo Valtierra; Birding for color-banded birds: Whimbrels; WHSRN partners receive NMBCA grants; Now online: The Tern and Plover Conservation Partnership; Friends of the Red Knot (FoRK)

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