Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

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WHSRNews: 28 February 2013

In this issue:

October 2012: Busy Month in Argentina (Governance Course, Río Grande Events, Península Valdés Dedication); SRP and CRIMBI Strengthens Partnership; B95 Book Awards and Ambassadorship; Raising Public Awareness about Shorebirds (Rio Gallegos Festival, Sandpiper Challenge Eco-Race, #avesplayeras Campaign); Brazil: National Shorebird Plan; Concensus on Bahía Lomas Protection; U.S. Gulf Coast Shorebird Workshops; Hurricane Sandy Coastal Damage Report; University of Cambridge, UK, Scholarship Deadline: 28 March 2013

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WHSRNews: 16 July 2012

In this issue:

New WHSRN Sites in Argentina and USA; WHSRN Honors Carol Lively; Chile Heritage Trail Includes Chiloé WHSRN Site; Buff-breasted Sandpiper Workshop among WHSRN Sites in the Southern Cone; Shorebird Superstar “B95” Seen Again in the USA; Peru - Improving the Conservation of the Paracas WHSRN Site; NMBCA Awards $2.3 Million to Shorebird Conservation Projects; Ornithological Council Call for Proposals: 1 August 2012

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WHSRNews: 18 April 2012

In this issue:

Grand Opening of Bahia Lomas Center in southern Chile; Partners Celebrate Shorebird Week at Bahia San Antonio Oeste WHSRN Site, Argentina; Site Assessment Completed by Great Salt Lake WHSRN Partners;          WHSRN Launches Facebook Page

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WHSRNews: 05 January 2012

In this issue:

Official Dedication of Bahía Samborombón WHSRN Site, Argentina; Grand Opening of Rio Gallegos Environmental Center, Argentina; First Migratory Bird Festival on Chiloé Island, Chile; Coordinated Shorebird Monitoring in Northwest Mexico; Delaware Bayshore, USA, Receives Globally Significant IBA Designation; Site Assessment Workshop at Bay of Fundy WHSRN Site, Canada; WHSRN Participates in Meeting in South Korea

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WHSRNews: 05 October 2011

In this issue:

Chilean Ministry and Manomet Center Sign Shorebird Agreement; WHSRN Honors Paul Schmidt for Council Service; New Coordinator for NW Mexico Shorebird Conservation; Highlights from 4th WHSG Meeting, Canada; NMBCA Grant Proposal Deadline: 30 November 2011; Charadriiformephiles: There’s a Place Online for People Like Us; Lagoa de Peixe Migratory Bird Festival, Brazil; First Meeting of Southern Cone Shorebird Scientists; In Memoriam: David L. Widell, California Grasslands

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WHSRNews: 12 July 2011

In this issue:

25th Anniversary of Delaware Bay’s WHSRN Designation; New WHSRN Site: Bahía Samborombón; WHSRN Designation Helps Communities in Colombia; New Law for Shorebirds in Argentina; Social Marketing Workshop at Chiloe WHSRN Site; Sharper Declines for Red Knots; Highlights from WHSRN Council Meeting; Highlights from Red Knot Working Group Meeting; Manomet Receives Funding for U.S. Gulf Shorebird Recovery; NMBCA Grants: Making a Difference for Shorebirds; Brad Winn, Welcome to Manomet; Best Wishes to Paul Schmidt, Council Member

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WHSRNews: 18 January 2011

In this issue:

New WHSRN Site: Pastizales de Janos y Ascensión; Argentina Declares WHSRN in the National Interest; Uruguay: Laguna de Rocha Management Plan; Chile: Proposed Bahía Lomas Nature Center Receives Major Support; Chile: Manomet Receives Funding for Chiloé Island; Request for Resightings of Color-banded Shorebirds; Four Shorebird Species Receive Federal Protection in Mexico; Post-disaster Update: Manomet Scientists Lead Shorebird Surveys in U.S. Gulf; Updates Made to Key Features on WHSRN Webpage

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WHSRNews: 10 September 2010

In this issue:

Gulf Coast Oil Disaster; Best Wishes to Xico Vega; WHSRN Species Plan Executive Summaries in Spanish; Mexican WHSRN Site a Biosphere Reserve; Argentine WHSRN Council Hosts 2nd Workshop; Management Plan for Bahía Lomas; Argentine WHSRN Site Inaugurates Interpretative Trail; Shorebird Conservation at Peruvian WHSRN Sites; Birding for Banded Shorebirds: Updated; Climate Change: New Assessment Tool; Manomet Receives Funding for Shorebird Conservation (3 articles); Travel with Scientists via Arctic Blog; CRIMBI Expands Partnerships; 2010 Canevari Award winner; “Pride Campaigns” a Success in Argentina.

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