Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

WHSRNews: Newsletter Archive

WHSRNews: 25 September 2014

In this issue:

Chile and Peru: Strengthening Good Governance for WHSRN Sites; PASP Finalizes Revised Shorebird-Marking Protocol; Hunters Observe World Shorebirds’ Day

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WHSRNews: 30 July 2014

In this issue: Semipalmated Sandpiper’s Migration Astounds Scientists; Argentina: A Management Plan 20 Years in the Making; Argentina: Santa Cruz Province Protects the Magellanic Plover; B95 Inspires U.K. Textile Artist; Upcoming Opportunities

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WHSRNews: 26 June 2014

In this issue:

B95 and YY1 Return to Restored Delaware Bay Beaches; Protecting the Protected Panama Bay (Again); 10th Biennial Great Salt Lake Issues Forum; High Honors for Two Shorebird Scientists; Upcoming Opportunities

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WHSRNews: 06 May 2014

In this issue: New WHSRN Site in Argentina; Red Knot Decreed Symbol of Argentine City; 2nd Regional Workshop for the Buff-breasted Sandpiper; Shorebird Projects Receive NMBCA Funding; Pablo Canevari Award Winner Announced

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WHSRNews: 20 March 2014

In this issue: Partners Launch "Celebrate Delaware Bay Network"; Argentina: 5th Annual Shorebird Festival Begins; Chile Debuts Radionovela about Shorebirds; Chile: Advancing Chiloé’s Shorebird Plan

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WHSRNews: 07 February 2014

In this issue: Revising the Pan American Shorebird Program; Red Knot Reunions - B95, H3H; Phenomenal Red-necked Phalarope; Panama Bay Protection Status Reinstated; Pablo Canevari Award nominations due 15 March 2014; Shorebird Illustration Competition: 28 February 2014

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WHSRNews: 31 August 2013

In this issue: Bahia Lomas Center Moves to Punta Arenas, Chile; Provincial Bird Week Enacted in Valdés Peninsula, Argentina; Next Step in Brasil's National Shorebird Plan; Two WHSRN Forums at Upcoming WHSG Meeting in Colombia; Students in Argentina Video-Skype with WHSRN/SRP Staff

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WHSRNews: 28 February 2013

In this issue:

October 2012: Busy Month in Argentina (Governance Course, Río Grande Events, Península Valdés Dedication); SRP and CRIMBI Strengthens Partnership; B95 Book Awards and Ambassadorship; Raising Public Awareness about Shorebirds (Rio Gallegos Festival, Sandpiper Challenge Eco-Race, #avesplayeras Campaign); Brazil: National Shorebird Plan; Concensus on Bahía Lomas Protection; U.S. Gulf Coast Shorebird Workshops; Hurricane Sandy Coastal Damage Report; University of Cambridge, UK, Scholarship Deadline: 28 March 2013

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