Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

Outreach Tools

The WHSRN Executive Office has the following tools either available here or upon request:


WHSRN logo with text

Click here for .EPS file format (ZIP, 104KB)

WHSRN logo without text

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Signage Kit

Signage at Lagunas de Ecuasal WHSRN Site, Ecuador
Signage at Lagunas de Ecuasal, Salinas, Ecuador
WHSRN Site of Regional Importance

(L-R: Ana Ágrada, Aves y Conservación;
Meredith G. Morehouse, WHSRN/Manomet)

Obtain procedures and specifications for producing and installing a sign for your WHSRN site.

Sign Procedure (PDF, 34KB)

Sign Template (PDF, 378KB)



For more information regarding support for communications, event planning, and media, contact whsrn@manomet.org.