Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

World Shorebirds Day



White-rumped Sandpipers (Calidris fuscicollis), Bahía Lomas, Chile. Photo by Diego Luna Quevedo.


Four years ago, September 6th was designated World Shorebirds Day, and for many of us it’s become a key fixture on our annual calendars. By early September, our Western Hemisphere shorebirds are on the wing, making their way to their winter or breeding homes. As northern breeding birds head south from their Arctic breeding grounds, austral breeding birds head to the coasts and interior of Patagonia to breed. Some will follow a route that takes them from WHSRN site to WHSRN site until they reach their final destination. Whether they have a pole-to-pole migration or a short hop up the coast, shorebirds connect the dots between WHSRN sites across the hemisphere, demonstrating the importance of our network and strengthening our connection to each other, too.

One of the key events of World Shorebirds Day is the Global Shorebird Count, which takes place the weekend nearest September 6th and continues throughout the week. Regular monitoring by volunteers and professionals is fundamental to protecting shorebird populations and their habitat. Many sites are also organizing workshops, educational activities, and community events to celebrate shorebirds.

It’s not too late to plan your own shorebird count or other activity. Register your site HERE, and join WHSRN staff, site partners, and experts and enthusiasts around the world in celebrating shorebirds this year.

World Shorebirds Day is a day to pause and marvel at these incredible migrants and unite in the common goal to protect them. Tell us how you plan to count and celebrate shorebirds at your WHSRN site, and we will add it to our map of World Shorebird Day events across the network!