Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

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Individual Support

We are all connected by shorebirds. As "messengers of the skies," their vast migrations teach us the importance of community and environmental stewardship on a hemispheric scale. WHSRN’s global alliance with hundreds of different conservation, business, community and government organizations is united to protect millions acres of wetlands and the wildlife and human communities that are dependent on them.

Photo Credit: Stuart Mackay

But over half of all shorebird species show evidence of serious decline, and wetland habitats are imperiled.

To save shorebirds and wetlands, WHSRN is moving boldly to expand the network through new partners, research, outreach, and tools.

At the heart of this conservation challenge are people, like you, committed to the power of WHSRN’s mission. We hope you will learn more about WHSRN through this web site, and give generously, in partnership, so that we can strengthen and expand the network. For more information about supporting WHSRN, contact Monika Schlaak, Annual Giving Officer, Manomet, at mschlaak@manomet.org.

You can make a donation to WHSRN securely online through Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. On the form, just choose “Shorebird Recovery Project” (SRP) from the drop-down menu. WHSRN is a key program of the SRP, a strategic shorebird conservation initiative of Manomet.

Corporate Support

WHSRN is seeking the support of Corporate Partners to strengthen and grow this hemispheric network of critical wetlands and habitats that are vital for wildlife and human communities. WHSRN Corporate Partnerships offer companies a variety of ways to demonstrate business leadership and to accomplish corporate philanthropic and marketing goals. For more information on becoming a Corporate Partner of WHSRN, contact Monika Schlaak, Annual Giving Officer, Manomet at mschlaak@manomet.org.

Thank you for supporting WHSRN!